Clearing a snapshot

I wanted to organise my snapshots but realised that I can’t clear a snapshot and make it empty, or copy another snapshot over the one I’d like to get rid of.
It would probably be possible in the computer?
But it would make sense to be able to do it on the device itself.
And if the pattern copy would work - that would enable proper snapshot organisation!

Load the empty (called blank in the manual and -- on the module) snapshot and save it to the slot you want to clear.

Load the snapshot you want to copy and then save it to the slot that you want to get rid of.

thanks for a quick reply!

It works the same as clearing all tracks and saving the snap - it doesn’t really clear it but creates a new (clear) revision, therefore keeping the dot on snapshot name.

Same with saving over. Although it makes more sense there.

Ah, I didn’t realize you meant clearing out all the revisions too. For that you will need to use a computer with an SD card reader.

got it. do you think it could be implementable in a device itself?