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Clicks - Metronome unit - help needed


Hey guys, I wanted to build an easy metronome unit using an oscillator, where the pitch is shifted an octave up every x counts. But I am having problems getting this to work, as the counter unit I’m using to count until the downbeat increases it output every step. So when I’m counting a 4/4 I don’t get one high and three low beeps. Just a crazy melody. How can I tame this unit?

Clicks.unit.zip (2.0 KB)



When someone else was trying to build a metronome, Brian had a really cool idea to just take a recording of whatever metronome you like and put it in a clocked player. Thought I’d share that forward in case your goal is to just get a metronome up and running as fast as possible.

But if this is more of an educational exercise, I’ll try to take a look at your patch when i’m back at my rig.



Thanks for your reply Joe.
I am aware of Brian’s idea, but I need this to be more flexible. I need more control over the beeps and above all I want to understand what I can do to make it work.
It would be great if you could check and let me know what i should change.

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I can relate. :slight_smile:



I think you were damn close. Try this one. I replaced your hard-coded references to G4 with feed forwards from the clk.in control so that it’s a bit more flexible, which I think you were eventually going to do anyway. And put a BPM clock unit in that subchain. So it should start making sound when you load it.

This now requires 2 units from the Accents library - Compare and Timed Gate. I’m thinking you have the most recent version or know where to find it. :wink: You can put one version on CH1 and another on CH2 to go back and forth between them and compare differences.

Clicks-modJoe.zip (2.5 KB)