Clicks / pops on looper

hi all,

last night I was recording my Yamaha reface CP into the er-301 (via an Intellijel Audio Interface II) and was getting some little pops / thumps whenever pressing engage or punch on the sample looper (both in recorder mode and pedal looper mode). It probably was a gain staging issue (I had to crank the AI really high), but just though I’d check if anyone has noticed similar clicks when recording non-modular level gear. The CP was also using batteries, so I’ll try again tonight powering it with the adaptor.


You can determine if the artifacts are being created in the ER-301 by recording with the 6-track recorder and checking the result.

Also, it is very important to make sure that your inputs to the loopers do not have a DC offset. The same goes for any audio signal path really.


I get the same clicks and pops in the loopers as well. All audio going into the loopers are at a manageable level.