Clicks & pops problem solved... I think

Hi everyone,

Happy new ER-301 user here - I was building up a set centered around pre-recorded (unsliced) loops each fired by a dedicated card player. A bunch of effect units - each in its own container with own dedicated vca - as the effect chain. CPU hovering around 25%, 30% Nothing to write home about… The total combined file size, of all loops, is around 120Mb… 160 top.

Random intermittent clicks and pops. hmmm

Interesting thing is the CPU % actually drops down at the same time that clicks occur… I would have expected the opposite… I.e. a spike.

Anyway - I later realized that a number of loops were 16bit some other 24bit. Changed all to 16bits - gone are the clicks and pops. Which is great. I didn’t try changing all files to 24bit yet but I would expect it would work the same? I.e. It appears that the mismatch between the file’s resolution (of loops played at the same time) is to blame.

Perhaps this is a known (and expected) behaviour, and apologies if I miss it, or perhaps there is another reason and someone else can shed some light?

Thank you.

What is the firmware version?

Hi Brian,
Thanks for quickly getting back to me. I should have specified that version is 0.4.11 @ 48kHz. All files are 44kHz.