Clipping Monitor?

Wondering if anyone has a decent way to monitor if a signal is clipping or not?

I found a way by adding a VCA and setting the gain to 0.5, this way I can see if the signal is going above or below the halfway lines in the positive and negative portions of the scope. Without the VCA, when looking at a scope, you can’t really tell if the signal is exceeding the top or bottom of the scope. So I put this 0.5 VCA into a disabled mixer where I feed it the signal I want to monitor but it’s a bit cumbersome (having to dive into the mixer and scroll to the right of the VCA to see the scope) and hard to tell definitively at a glance.

Any other ideas out there?

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Actually now that wrote this out I could probably use a gate with a threshold of 1…that should work, yeah?

Edit: yup. That seems to do the trick.


nice trick! I’ll definitely use it!