Clipping signal with six track recorder?

I recently tried recording some modular signals into the er-301 and found some clipping artifacts upon playback that didn’t seem to be there upon recording. I am lucky to have two er-301s and tried this with both units to similar effect. Does anybody have any thoughts or tips on ways to reliably avoid clipping when recording with the er-301?

edit: i have been lowering the volume of my signals before hitting the 301 but at low enough volumes that’s introduced some noise in the high end. Important to note that often I record and the six track recorder sounds fine! Just ran into some problems where i recorded some longer improvisations and was kinda burned when the recordings where kinda clippy. Do the two horizontal lines on the IN1, IN2, etc. boxes represent anything?

Are the recordings actually clipped? Or is it just clipping upon playback? I recommend looking at them in a WAV editor to get your answers.

If the recordings are actually clipped then you have to attenuate your signals appropriately before it comes to the ER-301. However, this is unlikely. The inputs accept -10V to 10V signals. So if you have a module that is outputting hotter signals than that then I recommend giving it a scolding. :wink:

Furthermore, the ABCDx inputs map 10V to 1.0 internally while the INx inputs map approximately 7V to 1.0 (assuming your the admin > Preamp Settings are set to modular levels). Playback clips at +/-1, of course, since in digital audio land full-scale is considered to be from -1 to 1.

I figured this was probably more a user error type thing - the 301 is wonderful and having 2 is great for helping me troubleshoot something like this. Thank you for the technical details regarding the six track recorder. I will do more experiments tonight to look further into this.

edit: “clipping” may not have been the right word - a slight distorted tone to peaks in the signal upon playing back recordings with the variable speed sampler and the like. Nonetheless I will look further into this and try to see whats going on. Thanks for your time and response :slight_smile: