Clock divider possible


Yesterday evening I was looking to divide an incoming clock or trig to work with it further inside the 301 but without results.

Is this possible?

Also is it possible to have like a master aux fx that I could overal use and route inside the 301?


  • Tap Tempo: derives a new clock by using a phase-locked loop (PLL). You can multiply and divide.
  • Countdown: outputs a trigger every time it receives N pulses.

Thanks Brian. I’ll test that Tap Tempo and Countdown

For the AUX bus FX i want to give each sound specific reverb amount for example. Now They all receive the same amount of reverb.
Maybe i have to play with mixers and derive them as a bus to another mixer etc…

Definitely get into mixers and VCAs :+1: The ER-301 has only the routing structures that you build into it.


Have you watched this video I made a while back? I think it covers what you’re trying to do with different aux channel send amounts internally on the ER-301.


Hi Joe,

No but I will tonight. I think that is what I ment, yes :slight_smile:
And this will free up some memory too!