Clock Module Issue (er-301)

Hi to all
I was wondering if it was normal for the clock module faders not to be modulable like another normal parameter.
For example the clock speed in BPM cannot be modulated in any way while the Multi / Div parameters seem to require voltage levels higher than 10v. The “WIDHT” fader seems free from this problem.

thanks for any reply

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “not modulate-able”. All of those parameters are modulate-able and have sub-chains with gain and bias parameters.

That is totally normal and exactly why there are gain parameters. For example, if you have a modulation signal that swings from -0.2 to 0.2 (that would correspond with -2V to 2V when the signal comes from one of the ABCDx jacks), and you want to modulate something from 0 to 20 then you would set the gain to 50 and the bias to +10:

50 x (-0.2, 0.2) + 10 = (-10, 10) + 10 = (0, 20)

Remember you can set the gain/bias parameters to values “outside” of the encoder range by just focus pressing (i.e. pressing S2 or S3 again when already focused). You can also edit the encode range in the control editor.

Hi Brian, thanks for the quick support. It is quite clear to me how the modulable parameters work but I prefer that you take a look at this video to understand better:

in this scenario I send a voltage (5volts) from 16n faderbanck towards the relative BPM fader inside the clock module. I set a gain of 1 or even more but I can’t modulate it.

thanks, emiliano

  • external modulation input of 5V corresponds to an internal value of 0.5.
  • gain is 1.
  • bias is 120bpm.

The result is 120bpm + 1 x 0.5 = 120.5bpm. Isn’t this what you expect?

This not true for me. If I set the gain to 120, then I get a bpm swinging from 120 (at 0V) to 180 (at 5V).

Hi Brian,
I put two videos next to it

Left) CLOCK Module: the Mult is modulated by a 10v sinewave (gain 10). The modulation is too weak and fails to complete the entire excursion

RIGHT A VCO Module: the feedback is modulated by the same sinewave (as above). this time I gain much lower (gain 1). the modulation is much more evident.

I hope he made you understand what I mean.

thanks, e.

Yes. I understand but why are you ignoring my suggestion to set the gain higher? Do you understand the gain/bias equation? I’m willing to explain more :wink:

Of course. That is because the fdbk fader ranges from 0 to 1, while the mult fader ranges from 1 to 32. That is 32 times more range!

Thank Brian
Now I understand. I have set an even more gain from the editor. I didn’t know I could go beyond 10, thank you very much :grinning:

I knew we would get there eventually :sweat_smile:

I suspect that you have a notion that the modulation in the ER-301 is a percentage (%). However, this is not the case. All values are absolute values.

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Now everything is very clear, and thanks always for your patience :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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