Clock multiplication/division

Hey there!!
just learning how to use my ER101.
I’ve read on the manual about clock multiplication & division possibilities, but not found how this can be done. Multiplication is set holding track button + right knob
but what about division?

To get to the multiply and divide settings you need to choose the track first (focus track button and turn left encoder). Then press the Track focus button again to get to the track settings page.

Once here focus the Step Button to set the multiplier value using the left encoder and focus the Duration button to set the division value using the right encoder.

oh thank you for your answer,
but when I’m in track settings page I can’t focus duration button.
when in track settings I press the duration buttons, it multiplies the clock.

It sounds like you are still on an old firmware version? We are up to 2.07 now. Clock multiplication was added in v1.10. Division was added in v2.02 and the displays used for the two options were switched.

ah of course, I was on v2.00.
upgraded to v2.06 and no probs now.

is there a way to set a default clock mult/div per track?
right now it all resets whenever i reset the snapshot to blank.

You could dedicate one snapshot to serve as your blank template and set it up how you want it.

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of course, elegant. thank you!

@odevices ,

how does one know which firmware is installed on unit?

The firmware version is displayed briefly when powering up.