Clock sync the Sin Osc?

Am trying to figure out if it’s possible to do this so you could make a clock synced LFO.

It’s possible to derive the Hz from the clock signal but getting stuck on how to apply this to the frequency of the oscillator as you can’t apply the value to the bias.

Also, am assuming the sync just resets the phase?

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Here is how…there is one fiddly part.


  • Assuming you want to clock-sync this Sine Osc…
  • Set the f0 bias to zero. This value adds to the incoming freq (Hz) value.
  • (Here is the fiddly part.) Set the f0 gain to 1.0. You will need to engage super-fine mode (SHIFT+KNOB when in fine mode). This value multiplies the incoming freq (Hz) value.


  • In the f0 sub-chain, drop a Pulse To Hertz unit.
  • Assign your clock to be the source of the f0 sub-chain.

Yes, that is correct.

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Thanks Brian, works a treat!

Didn’t know about the super fine mode.

I just tried nudging the f0 gain with shift+wheel to 1.0 but the value got stuck at either 0.999 or 1.001 resulting in an out of sync frequency. Is there some trick setting it to 1.0?

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Looking into this. I’ve noticed a number of controls are having this issue.


Just tried to follow the above example and could get nowhere near 1.0! :slight_smile:

Likewise, best I can do is 1.19. I’m presuming hat if I save this into a custom component, then i can edit the LUA file and set it to 1.0 that way.

The gain values on the Sine Osc f0 are designed for FM synthesis at the moment, hence the large values. However, as a workaround you can set the f0 gain to 20 and the divider parameter on the Pulse to Hertz to 20.


This works, thanks @odevices!