Clock units for metronome

Hi all, I’m going to make this into an official support question, since I’m still not sure how to use the clock units and there is little to no information about them yet (probably because they are supposed to be self-explanatory).

First things first: is there an official clock divider unit yet? There is lots of division and multiplication going on in different units but I’m not sure if they do what I want them to do, and there is no unit that straight up tells me “I’m a clock divider”.

What I am trying to do is build a metronome with a sample played on the first beat and another sample playing on every tick of the beat. I also want to have a control for different rhythms (just placing the first beat in different spots of the beat). I want to use a fast clock as an input so there will be lots of clock dividing going on. I can’t get it to work because the samples are not in sync and the timing is not solid. I have tried many different approaches with tap tempo, sync to clock and clock units (bpm, etc.) to no avail. I’m talking about this with screenshots and more information here Metro: A metronome custom unit

Could someone nudge me in the right direction? And tell me about those clock units, I just don’t get the sync input and I don’t know why they stop outputting anything at all when moving the division/multiplication parameters.


I can tell you what I’ve observed.

There is (far as I know), no dedicated clock divider unit yet. All of the clock dividers are part of other objects (at the DSP level). So I think the closest you have in v0.3.25 to divide an external clock is to use the Tap Tempo. Feed a clock into it’s “tap” input, and you can divide it.

You can feed the same clock into “sync”. If you’re multiplying this works just fine to keep it always in sync with the incoming clock. If you’re dividing, it doesn’t work out so well because a sync event will reset the clock before you get to the divided clock cycle. I.e. if you try to divide with the incoming clock fed into “sync”, you’ll just get the same clock back out. So what I do is put the incoming clock into “sync” - to sync it once - then clear the “sync” input so that it can actually divide.

I think I’ve heard someone (maybe you?) say the Tap Tempo can drift from the clock. I haven’t personally observed that. If it’s true,I may just not have let it run long enough to notice.

I’ve been meaning to check out your metronome custom unit. I think if I were to build one today based on a 2-slice sample, I’d take a hard look at using the Count unit as a means of figuring out which slice to trigger at what time.

Thanks Joe, most of what you say confirms my own observations. It was indeed me who also talked about the tap tempo not being sync with the incoming clock. I tried to sync it back with the source by adding a sync with clock unit after the tap tempo but that didn’t work out. I also tried to use the counter unit to build the metronome but didn’t come up with a working scenario there either. Seems like such a simple task though! I’ll have another crack a it tonight.

The sync once then remove trick seems like a tedious thing to resort to in any case.

If you’re keeping it within the ER-301, as a workaround for now, you can have the “master” clock be the slow one, then use Tap Tempo units to multiply that master. Feed the master into both the input of the Tap Tempo as well as the sync, then mult, and they they should stay sync’d.

Maybe this will help. This is a Quick Save preset (let me know if you don’t know how to load it.)

There are 2 clocks on global chains. “clk” is the master, and clkX4 is a multiplied version of it.

“clk” is driving metro2. “clkX4” is driving the Raw Player inside the mixer on channel 1.

To set it up, assign files as follows:
In the Raw Player inside the custom unit, use a wave file with 2 slices, one for the downbeat and one for the other beats.
In the Raw Player inside the mixer, assign a sample that has any other sound you want to hit on 16th notes.

You should have a metronome counting 1-2-3-4 at 120bpm with a different sound every 4th beat, and whatever other sound you put in the Mixer firing at 16th note intervals.

If you want to change the metronome to count to 3, go into the slice parameter of it’s Raw Player and change the finish parameter from 3 to 2. (2.7 KB)

What is a “sync with clock unit”?

As for a metronome, how about using the Clocked Stretch unit? Load it up with your favorite metronome jingle and clock it.

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Not really. All of the clock division that you see at the moment uses frequency division as opposed to counting pulses which you are expecting.

However, there is a (bespoke) unit called Countdown in testlib, which outputs a trigger on every Nth pulse with sync and one-shot capabilities. (4.7 KB)

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Love it. Simple and elegant!

Quantize to clock is it called?

Concerning the clock stretch idea: for the patch I have I mind I need to do many different div/mult to the same clock so not sure if it is going to do the trick. But by now I should have enough input for having another shot at it. That countdown might just save the day!

Ah ok. Quantizing and sync’ing are very different. You will not be able to sync to a clock using quantization.