Clocked delay question


Whats the maximum delay length the 301can manage?
I require delays around 20 -30 seconds,depending on the bpm.

I checked the forums and Wiki but can’t find an answer. I’m hoping I don’t have to buy
the 4ms looping delay nice though it is…and i really don’t want to spend 2k on an Eventide just for long delays…

I’m not infront of the 301 atm, but I don’t think it’s that long.

However … I’m pretty sure there’s a way to implement something using a combination of 30 second loopers and a sample player with a LPF combo, tap tempo with settings to delay the looper reset pulse and so on to made a super long delay.

I’ll have to take a crack at it when in the studio tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Currently a single delay unit (any type) has its maximum delay length set to 1s. There is plenty of memory available to make 30 second delays. I just haven’t exposed maximum delay time as a parameter yet.


That would be great Neil, I hadn’t considered using the looper, maybe two them
piggybacked…I have not received my 301 yet, so have been mentally patching.

Hi Brian, thanks for responding. I understand about meeting the needs of the many!
I assume very few people require this ability as there are is only one hardware device available at the moment that does what I need. It’s a big chunk of change for me to splash down on (a second hand Orville) for just one function.

Its strange, as the cannon is such a powerful musical device, Nancarrow, Bach… Even if I bought the 4ms looper I would need another delay, to achieve for example 17 bars and 1 16th. Sometimes i get really tired of the cult of the even number in electronic instruments…

I’m not sure I have an immediate use for a 30 second delay in mind, but could definitely use one a bit longer than 1 second. :slight_smile:

Also looking forward to a potential @NeilParfitt video on using a looper this way!

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I can confirm this works, have been trying to make a DLD-like clone for a while. Though the sample player makes things tricky. It only shares the buffer with whatever looper you are using. If it’s 30 seconds, the sample player will always go through those 30 seconds. Even when triggering the sample player to reset it, it’s not resetting the buffer, just the sample player. Ideally, you’d want to reset the buffer or change the buffer length. At least this is the conclusion I’ve come to.

I’d love to see what you come up with.