Clocked Player w/ slices?


I’m trying to get the Clocked Player to play a drum break.

By feeding a clock in the ‘clock’ input, I’m able to get the entire break to play nicely from start to end in sync.

However, if I add slices to the file, the sync is gone – seems like the player speeds up and slows down according to the way the file is sliced (could be mistaken, but that’s how it seems like).

Maybe I’ve misunderstood, but I’d think the easiest way to use the Clocked Player would be to let the player determine the tempo of the entire loop – and then let the user slice the file in any way he wants.

This’ll probably end up just being my error, but thought I’d ask – anyone get the same results?


That is exactly how it works. This way each slice loops exactly in time with the clock.

I suppose it should not be too hard to add your desired behavior as a menu option. I wonder what I should call it? :thinking: “Ignore slices when stretching” is too long.

p.s. I’m not completely sure what you are trying to do musically but if you are just trying to shift a drum loop around with respect to another beat then don’t forget the ‘shift’ control.

That behavior would be great for chopping loops that are already prepared beforehand. Then you can just chop to your heart’s content and all trills, flourishes and such small stuff are in sync, too. Or, I like to chop melodies so that two notes might be one slice. In these cases, having the Clocked Player look at the entire loop for the correct tempo would be what you want.

W/ regards to drums – I have this SH101-sequencer thing going on, where a trig advances a chopped loop by one slice. playing with resets and trig timings makes for instant breakbeat variations.

Name ideas:
Stretch to slices vs. Stretch to clip?
Use clip tempo

it would be great to have both options. (me too i was surprised when i realized how this works).
anyway i must say i’m using it as is to chop up breakbeats and it’s great as well.


i have a question about the clocked player,
i’m trying to sync a 7 second loop to a sequencer clock, this loop have been prepare in ableton, and it’s sync great.
But i have to put a tap tempo with a division of 32 after my clock input to have my loop at “normal speed”. If i don’t do that, it’s sound really fast…
But if i change my tempo, the “re-syncronisation” is really long, because the tap tempo. Is there a way to do it better please ?


You sound surprised that you had to divide your clock. Do you understand why you had to divide?

Also, instead of the Tap Tempo unit, have you tried using the divide parameter already inside the Clocked Player?


i just plug and play, i didn’t ask me that :frowning:
i didn’t see there was a clock divider directly on the clock input ! great thanks :slight_smile:

Plug ‘n’ play is an awesome way to go :wink: but having everything at least somewhat meet your expectations can help keep the flow going. So don’t hesitate to ask when there is something that surprises you.

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