Clocked Sample Player

Hey guys,

just a quick question about the clocked sample player. I was trying some live jamming on the weekend as I’m working towards a full live set and noticed that when I did a breakdown where I stop sending a clock and trigger to the sample player, and then when I leave the breakdown and send a clock and trigger to get the sample playing again, the first play through the sample plays at a really slow speed.

Check it out at around the 5:35 mark here - [](http://Soundcloud - I Think I Heard Something)

Would the trick to be to still be sending a clock signal so it doesn’t have to figure out the play speed again? Would like to not do this as my goal is to try and get to the point of a improvised live set, so this would be something I would have to try and plan out in advance which I would rather not do. I’ve been trying to get around this by slow introducing and removing the sample before and after breakdowns (this doesn’t really have the effect I want, but is a workaround).

Any help mucho appreciated. Thanks folks.

Ypsi Kid

Which is correct behavior, right? The period between the last 2 clock pulses is really long hence the very slow speed.

Basically, yes. How about putting a Tap Tempo in the clock sub-chain?


Thanks Brian, yeah that does make sense (not sure why I didn’t think of that). Thanks for letting me know!

Haven’t thought about a tap tempo unit in the sub chain, but now that you say that, I’ll be giving that a try.

Thanks as always!

Ypsi Kid