Clocking with the Pedal Looper?

Is there a simple way to derive clock info from the Pedal Looper?

My goal is to play an instrument with no predefined tempo or performance length, capture a loop, and use that loop to sync the rest of my system.

I’ve never been able to come up with a good solution and I was wondering if anyone has figured out a way of doing this.

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Feed the same record/play signal that you send to the Pedal Looper to a Tap Tempo.


But then when I send the same signal to engage overdub the Tap Tempo is now getting a new ping from that trigger.

You can use a VCA that is closed by a Counter on the tap input to block all triggers after the first two.

Another alternative is to just feed a Counter into a Fixed HPF to turn the Counter steps into triggers.


Genius! Just set this up and it’s working great.

I’ve got one footswitch mapped to both play/overdub on the Pedal Looper and the VCA + Counter → Tap Tempo chain. Then I’ve got another footswitch mapped to clear/stop on the Pedal Looper and reset on the Counter.

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Good job figuring it out from my minimal explanation!