Collapsed Channel Mixer GUI Wish

Hi Brian,

One thing that would streamline signal management in live/performance oriented would be a slight modification in the collapsed mixer unit view:

What if “re-init” and “delete” in the little screen contained Solo, Mute and Bypass like below?

Then it’s literally skimming across a ‘console’ with the encoder and 1 press selections for the these most common mixer functions.

Another idea would be a “performance” GUI mode… so if i just touched M1 - M6 that would allow an immediate mute on/off per mixer listed. Slick!




This makes loads of sense - good call! Press to Mute/Unmute & Shift Press to Solo!


As I go through many of these neglected threads that have seen no love in months there are some great ideas percolating within the bowels of the forum.

Please help breath new life into the better ideas or help explain why they are dead ends so maybe some of the threads can be retired.

That’s quote-worthy. Quite the imagery. :slight_smile: I like that you’re re-surfacing some of these threads that seem to have trailed off. Some of them I’d forgotten about completely.

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I made a list of these threads as I was going through the forum over the last week or so and just sent it to @TimefireVR - I was going to do it at some point, but he’s erm… on fire today :smiley:


The effort is very much appreciated!!


First, Mixer units are going to get a face-lift as per this:

Then, we’ll address UI improvements (if any).