Comments for referencing

The ability to include comments in a preset or chain would be welcomed. I’m not sure where the comments should be viewed but it would help keep prior work usable without digging into chains or referencing external notes. What are your thoughts on this?

There was talk in the older forum about adding some kind of chain overview, so that you could see the nested structure of a chain. It would be interesting to find out whether comments could be part of that.

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I’d be happy with just being able to name stuff. I think that would go a long way. I do tend to get lost pretty easy in more complicated Chains (with like 3-4 mixers). Chain Overview sounds great. Some sort of birds-eye view where you can see your location in the “tree” structure.

My only real concern with a notes feature is the time and effort it would take to type in the comments using the current method. Could be tedious. Even so, I’ll take it.

So… yes to comments, yes to naming, and yes to overview.