Commit reset behavior

After reading @odevices advice about scaffolding, I’ve started experimenting with the hold/commit workflow. It’s great but for one issue: pressing commit seems to also trigger a reset. Is it possible to change the commit behavior so that it commits without resetting the pattern?

Hey, if i understand you correctly, you may, before you press commit, press the pattern or track button, and then commit. That way it resets to the pattern playing currently or another track, i think. May be wrong to some extent but commit can mos def be synced.

Edit: commit is queued and performed on start of step, pattern or track, accordingly.

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Can you give us an example of how this occurs? My experience is above e.g. not triggering a reset.

Not sure if you know but you can quantise when the commit occurs by focusing on either a step, pattern or track. E.g. after you’ve done your editting in hold mode press the track button & then press Commit - the ER R101 will then change to the new edits after the last step in the last pattern is played. At the other extreme if you focus on the step button the new edits will come into effect after the current step has ended.