Comparator workaround / building a macro-control

Hey everybody - loving this forum and all the fire going into developing this amazing module!

I’m building a macro control for my kickdrum (SSF Entity) on my MI Shades (offset module) and trying to find a solution on something that bugs me, and want to hear if anybody has a clever piece of advice - here goes…

When sending full offset CV from shades the kick is going straight through to the outputs, while sidechaining a loop I’m continuously recording - nice! When around 12 o’clock on shades the kick fades out and a hihat built from white noise is taking its place while sidechaining losens (triggered from same trigger-source). All of this rocks - however, I’m looking for a way to fade out the noise completely, when i’m turning the offset from shades all the way down, so I kind of have three different settings, on one knob.

I’m thinking a comparator module would fix this, but don’t have the space in my performance case. Does anyone have an idea for how to do this smoothly inside the ER-301, without lowering the volume as i turn shades from clock-wise to counter clock-wise?

Any tips will be greatly appreciated :smiley: thanks!