Comping for Quicksaves


I’d like to request a ‘comping’ approach and a history buffer for quicksaves. I’m not sure if this is a good analogy but lately I have been developing fairly complex chains (~70% CPU usage) with lots of different levels and nesting. I know that I can explicitly PIN controls in the hold mode to modify to my hearts content, but many times I build these setups pretty iteratively. In an ideal situation, I would work, quicksave, work some more, quicksave again to the same slot, but then sometime in the future roll back based upon a history buffer to my previous state. I can kind of do this now with the 24 different slots but it would better if each slot contained a kind of comping history.

Maybe there is another, better way, to pull this off that I am overlooking. Please enlighten me if that is the case!

Thanks. Geremy

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I certainly wouldn’t mind a feature like this. At the same time I feel like simply having more slots (unlimited?) would help you achieve the same via naming scheme (append 1, 2 etc). Benefit is there is no new UI to have to learn or develop. I assume adding more slots is a low level of effort.

The whole quicksave UX will probably get a redesign at some point. So now is the time to voice your opinions.

i’m wondering if using .pkg format for quicksaves (essentially having packaged presets instead of quicksaves) would significantly slow down the operations… if it wouldn’t that could be one of the ways, in my opinion.

there also could be an option to save incrementally in that case, adding a dimension to quicksave implementation

What is the reason for using the pkg format as the quicksave format? It will be significantly slower btw especially if you are referencing WAV files.

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yeah, didn’t think about wav files. of course!

the reason was just that it would be very easy to share / backup, but of course, they have to be quicksaves lol

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Some more thought needs to done around what it means to share quicksaves. Quicksaves by design save the entire state of your device which is intimitately connected with how you setup your ER-301. Not all of that needs to be or should be shared. I suspect that people are more looking to share just the OUT1-4 chains plus globals or something similar.

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makes a lot of sense, plus probably the referenced WAV files too.

I think for me sharing them has always been for including globals.

Being able to save/recall an unlimited number would be great. Maybe just to files, but with 24 of them retaining their special slots in the quick menu.

I agree with that.

I just would like some sort of history or rollback because I find that when I get going with something, I start simple, like a bassline with 2 triangle osc & envelope generator. Then I run that out of the unit into external filters and effects. But then I plug it back into the inputs and re-sample it and mix it in with onboard drum samples, etc. Then I’ll go back and replace the triangle osc(s) with single cycles, and begin adding modulation chains for those. Then I will place some delays on the drums, some limiters, start messing with the stereo field, until I’m consuming many of the input and output channels and most of the CPU.

A day later I will hate what it has become, think it sounds like crap, and want to go back to the way I originally had it setup.

The following day I’ll think no, the wavetable osc w/ modulations actually sounded good. How did I do that again?