Connected ER-102 to ER-101 - where are my prior ER-101 sequences? - how do I copy over?

I want to retain a few snapshots from my ER-101 when adding the ER-102 but I am to finding any information on this .

When I add in the ER-102 I see all the new storage but none of these seem to contain the stored sequences from the ER-101 [[ 127 slots: A1 to U7 (for regular snapshots) and t1 to t9 (for templates) ]] I only spot-checked.

I thought I may have to export from the 101 to later import/upload to the 102 but I don know what to do with the export obtained.

Im hoping this does not have to manually keyed back like that was mentioned in another article in these postings about moving 102 patterns back to the 101 standalone.

Please let me know if/how this can be done . … and thanks !!! !!!

There’s no way to automatically copy over the sequences from the stand alone ER101 into the combined ER101/102 … get yourself a cup of coffee, a comfy seat & your favourite tunes and manually move them over with a piece of paper - good luck.

I’m letting a groan for @xpump

Oh really… that’s a bummer :frowning:

I rarely save anything anyway, so it’s never become an issue for me, but this does kinda surprise me!

So yeah… good luck!!

Hey - Thanks for the responses !
I suspected that this was going to be the case : P
So …i will be a slog-ing thru it soon …
At least the 102 will have access to the files in the future that can be edited .


Sorry guys. :bowing_man:
The ER-102 snapshot format is completely different, so it would require a non-trivial import procedure which has never obtained a high enough priority (compared to other requests) to get implemented. Not to mention that the import procedure would be very high maintenance since it could potentially be broken every time either the ER-101 or ER-102 firmware changed.


NP & thanks for the explanation :slightly_smiling_face: