Connecting i2c from trs

Connecting i2c via trs (two cases)

I have heard the order of operation is:

  1. connect i2c cable with power off.
  2. turn receiving end on first
  3. turn transmitting end on last.
    • Is this correct?
    • I’ve heard too, If you accidentally unplug the cable, or don’t follow proper set up, its good bye olimex board. This true?

Anyone have any cautionary advice? Anyone suggest avoiding this at all costs if possible? Are there any protective measures one might know?

Thank you!

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i think you have everything correct.
I use a homemade minijack cable with bright orange sleeve as a “do not hotplug” reminder. With right-angle neutrik plugs i never came even close to inadvertently pulling one out.
Also i use one of those “magnetic tip” usb cable to power the 16n. Makes it easy to “reboot” and avoids damaging the teensy micro-usb port.
I confess i preventively got a spare olimex board just in case.


The most important thing is to avoid shorting things. Double- and triple check your connections, then do not hotplug. I think you can hotplug and be lucky to not damage anything, but the risk is there. I don’t know if the Olimex board is more susceptible to damage than other gear.

As far as I understand, and this might be a little bit hearsay: nothing happens that could damage the equipment if you turn on a follower after the leader, but when a leader turns on, it will register the available addresses in the network. If your follower is not present at that time, the leader might not be able to communicate with it.

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thanks very much for the replies!