Contour generator

So I recently read some detail concerning a unique feature of the Moog model d contour generator. Applying the retrigger mode, the contour would double in amplification each time the envelope triggered before completing a cycle thus forming the basic shape of a staircase.

I would like to patch this behaviour and although the theory eludes me I think it’s possible with gain, a vca and some kind of timing window.

The concept can be achieved using two gate channels on a sequencer but that’s not ideal. Do you have any tips on how to patch a vca whoose amplitude increases each time an envelope attacks the circuit before completing its cycle

Sounds like you want a counter unit which is reset by EOF. You can cheat and get an EOC gate by inverting your envelope and patching to a comparator.

The comparator provides the ‘window of opportunity?’

Counter. Yes I have read much conversation in previous posts and threads about the counter but could never settle on a use case that could be applied to this concept.

Think of retrigger as ratchet. If an envelope attacks the vca and subsequently there is a burst of additional gates/triggers then each event multiplies the amplification by 1? If there are no burst events the envelope falls away as per the shape settings, normal behaviour.

I think you’re right about including a comparator, I will take @ look at that possibility, thankyou

Thanks @desolationjones your comparator suggestion was key to the success of this unit. I put the comparator inside the counter reset sub chain and with a setting of 0.22 each gate resets the counter but gate bursts move through unrestricted and excite the counter which excites the filter, soo cool