Control Faders

looking for faders for volume and other…actions…ideas?

EDIT:offsets can be used but I would need lots…
something like 8 faders :roll_eyes:

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Check out this thread:


As @Unity2k - there is a project brewing on the Lines forum which would have 16 faders. In the meantime, your options would be using something like:

  • Malekko Voltage block
  • Intelljel Tetrapad
  • ladik CV faders
  • Soundmachines lightstrips
  • MIDI controller + Expertsleepers FH-1

In addition I would checkout the Interface thread:

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thanks @Unity2k and @jonny , i’ll have a look today…

voltage block looks promising…
can you combine tasks with it
like 4 cv faders with 2 sequencers etc…