Control over Grid Quantizer Pre/Post?

I’ve had a search but can’t find anything…

Is there any way I can have CV control over the Grid Quantizer’s Pre and Post faders? Ideally I’m aiming to have the Faderbank control these. I can assign Pins to them but Pin configurations don’t appear to save plus I still can’t assign the Faderbank to Pin settings it seems.

Is there any clever way to gain CV control over Pre and Post? If not, is that a possible future request?


The intention is that you would use VCAs before and after if you want modulation of gain. The pre and post faders are just there so you don’t have to use VCAs for the set-and-forget situations.

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Ok, thanks for the insight. I’ll have to have a play with the external VCAs and see if I can execute the idea I had.

Internal VCAs, to be certain we are on the same page.

Yes I think so. ‘External’ from the actual Grid Quantizer unit. So a VCA unit to Grid Quantizer unit to another VCA unit is what I’ve got pictured in my head. :slight_smile:

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I just tried the VCA before and after the Grid Quantizer and it seems to have a different sound effect to controlling the internal pre and post. I set the internal pre and post levels to 1 with ‘Levels’ on full and I also adjusted the default gain on the ‘external’ VCAs to 10 and even 12 to try and match the break up at the more extreme settings.

Does the gain for the external VCAs need to be higher to match the effect of the pre/post of the Grid Quantizer? I’m assuming setting the actual pre/post levels to 1 is similar/same to a direct connection

Any info would be awesome. Or simply a request to add control over pre and post within the Grid Quantizer because I tend to try and use this concept quite a bit and it would also be tidier than having an extra VCA either side.

Thank you!