Controlling the clock divider/multiplier with the ER 102?

Hey all,

I was playing around with the ER 101’s internal clock divider/multiplier and was wondering, is it possible to externally control the division and multiplier ratios?
I am getting some spectacular results just by manually playing with the settings, but would love to assign all 4 tracks to offsets and control my timings that way. I have checked the documentation for any hint in this direction but haven’t found anything.
Brian, is this currently possible? if not, I’d love to submit this as an official feature request!



Hello there,

If you are an ER102 lucky owner, it will give you the ability to achieve such feature.
To do so you will have to get into the .INIT file, it is then possible to assign a clock through gate input (X, Y or Z) to any channel (or all channel in our case).

This init file is stored into the SD card, and you can very easily edit it on your computer.

Hope this help !


Ah thanks, but this is not quite what I meant.

What I am specifically interested in is the ER101’s clock divider/multiplier which is accessed by double tapping the “track” button on the 101.

Reason I like this one so much, is that this feature allows you to bring a lot of nuance in your timing. example: multiply your clock by 8, then divide it by 8 again right away. from there, accelerating or decelerating (using the divider half of the page) gives you very musical tempo changes.

What I am looking to control externally is just these two dials ( the multiply and the divide) and then for all 4 tracks simultaneously.

Reason why this can’t be done on the clock input side is that clock multipliers tend to glitch out when you change the incoming clock signal as a clock multiplier needs to extrapolate a new tempo from an existing one, which then gets derailed as soon as the expected tempo differs from reality. division doesn’t have that same issue as divisions are interpolated.

I think you could achieve the effect you want by using the groups and math function on step and gate on all steps.

So in reponse to a gate high at X, you’d have a grp math function that mults or divides step and gate by 8. Youd need to make sure yr clock was multiplied up enough that even the shortest steps in the sequence could be divided by 8.