Conventions for using post tags

Hey everyone,

I have a small favour to ask, purely in the interests of helping everyone find their way around here and keeping things orderly, because you know… it’s nice and all that :slight_smile:

I don’t think any of us want any hard and fast rules, it’s not about that, but at the very least please can we keep the ‘custom-unit’ tag for topics that are actually published custom units.

If we do this it provides a clear way for everyone to find the custom units that have been published in the main navigation above by clicking on ‘all tags’ and then ‘custom-unit’ - sorted!

Open to any other suggestions, feel free to speak up in this thread if you think there is something we could all do that would make life easier.



Feels like this needed a bump. I went through some of the topics and added tags, such as Smalltalk for alternatives to Muffwiggler, Thread to Break the Forum Silence, and Share Your ER-301 Music.

The most popular tags in order: Requests (76), Support (15), Custom-Unit (13), Bug (11), and Chains (7)