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Convert signal into trig


Hi everyone!
I just picked up done all flesh by landscape FM and was hoping to turn the very faint signal they send into a gate trig. I’ve tried adding a limiter to the incoming signal thru a simple envelope setup. Any ideas on how to shape the sound or use the incoming sound to create an internal gate trig with an Envelope follower?? If I posted a sample of the incoming cv would that help?



It would help me.



I sometimes use an ADSR for this, A=0, D=few ms, S=0, R=0

I can’t remember if this works with the all flesh or not, haven’t used them since I got the Tetrapads, but it should.

I don’t remember the signal being very faint with them though, it was attenuated for sure, but still pretty lively!



Usually you should not need to convert a CV to a trigger because the trigger/gate inputs on units all have configurable thresholds.



hey joe! here is a short sample of the incoming audio of me pressing a single all flesh!




Phew, that’s a rough one. Are you sure your allflesh is working right? That’s a pretty low signal.

Here’s what I came up with. It requires a bespoke unit from Accents (Compare). Not sure if this is the most efficient way to do this or not. But It seems to work.

all flesh trig.chain (4.6 KB)

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JOE! thank you! works now - just had to add one more of your VCAs!!!

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