Copy and paste names?

Hey all!
Is there a way to copy and paste names? I can’t find the answer.
Also, I get how to zoom in and out in the v/oct sample looper/slicer, just not while in slice mode when I need it. Can you zoom in and out while in slice mode without bouncing back out?

Thanks and hope that makes sense.

as for the zoom:

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@odevices Brian, is there currently a way to copy/paste names/custom units? I’m getting sore fingers from trying to add 100 SC.CV’s and SC.TR’s.

Don’t think it’s possible right now. Only workaround I can think of is to give each unit a unique but short ID made of first-line characters (“aaa”, “aab”, “aac”, etc.) and then use a text editor on PC to rename them. You’d need to keep careful notes, too.

I ran into this issue when renaming everything in my custom config yesterday. 30+ minutes of mindless scrolly-clicky when I could’ve just done it on PC :laughing:

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Woa. Are you really naming 200 units?? :dizzy_face:

There is no copy/paste for text (yet).

@desolationjones’s idea will work. Once you get comfortable with the structure of the file, you can also skip the first step of renaming each unit by just directly going into the preset file and adding the following two entries to each unit that you want to rename:

["title"] = "My Very Own";
["hasUserTitle"] = true;

(The requirement for the ‘hasUserTitle’ is to prevent the ER-301 from trying to make the name unique.)


@odevices i stopped at 20 something haha. my arm was getting sore just having it raised that long lol, but i was hoping to get like 25 cv/gates to be cycled through in a neato fashion via teletype/16n/etc.
i just put together this little system to be my nerd out system. its a challenge for me because i’m usually into knob twisting vs. this code stuff.