Copy and paste stopped working

Working on drum patterns for song. Would like to have it 28 patterns long, 64 steps each. Made it to 22nd pattern… 13 steps. Cannot paste or insert any steps after. Did I hit the limit? Is the limit 2000 total steps for all tracks?

Yes exactly. But 64 steps per pattern * 22 patterns = 1408 steps. You should have another 500 steps at least.

I was over… There were 2 other tracks. I was trying to program the drums like a step sequencer - with step duration of 1. There were alot of empty steps (1 step per clock pulse). I reprogramed some of it tonight using duration like note lengths. I was surprised that it was actually easier. Still wrapping my head around the workflow of the 101… but with a little practice, I can see getting fast with this!

I’m glad our brains are wired similarly in this case! :wink:

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