Copy group step selection WITHOUT copying transforms and slope matrix

Hey all,

Been scratching my head on this one…here’s a little background on what I’m trying to do.

I spent some time setting up each of the 16 groups as a specific modifier via the slope settings and the non-destructive transforms. Additionally, each mod bus for a group is set up specific to what type of modifier is patched.

For example, if I have a 1V/oct voltage attached to mod-X, I set up the slope to 1.0 for CV-A if the group is targeting pitch. If the group is targeting duration, I set up a non-destructive transform with qt=6 (for 16ths) and a slope of + or - 6.0 so all incoming voltage is multiplied by 6 and then quantized.

Some groups are set to handle pitch elements, some duration, some gate masking, some randomization, and some quantization.

Most importantly, throughout the setup process, I completely ignored adding steps to each group. I focused on what the group was going to do and not which steps it did it to.

My spending the time to set them all up this way came from an observation of my workflow (and perhaps the workflow of the ER-102 in general)…Group step selection and manipulation is attainable very quickly via Euclidean masks, inversion, and rotation. However, group modifier set-up requires very deliberate strategy and planning on what musical goal you’re trying to accomplish.

Put more simply, selecting steps for groups is easily jammable, but group setup and the modifiers and slopes is less jammable and requires some detailed planning, potentially taking you out of the jam mindset :smiley:

So there I was jamming away with all my newly created groups and came upon a moment where I wanted one group to have the exact same steps as another’s group. Specifically, I had a group that added a duration = dotted eighth notes and another that subtracted it, so I wanted to copy the exact steps from the one group to another, invert that newly pasted group, and BOOM I would be adding and subtracting the exact same amount of duration from a collection of steps, all with one gate-high message. However, when I copied the steps from group to group it copied the modifier info as well, so I had to rebuild the pasted group’s modifier…pause jam. :cry:

Hope all the above makes it clear what I’m after. I had the same trouble with deleting groups but found an easy work-around with setting 0 out of X steps with the Euclidean masks. I tried using the masks to copy the exact steps, but this is by no means foolproof and only works with certain Euclidean patterns of certain steps.

Anyways, any guidance would be awesome. Thanks for taking the time to read my long-winded question too :yawning_face:

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I was playing around with this and I noticed that, if you have GROUP MODIFIERS focused and you press COPY, the ER-102 currently just says TILT (i.e. no operation). Seems to me that it might make sense for the ER-102 to copy just the modifier-portion when pressing COPY and GROUP MODIFIERS is focused.

So that means two possibilities I think:

Scenario 1

  • Focusing GROUP and pressing COPY, copies step selection and modifier to the clipboard. Same as now.
  • Focusing GROUP MODIFIER and pressing COPY, copies just the modifier to the clipboard.
  • Pro: The panel implies this scenario, so easier to remember and some people (i.e. me, haha) might be used to this already.
  • Con: Copying just step selection, would be a 3-step process and require keeping a group free for restoring the modifier after a copy (i.e., copy modifier from group B to an unused group X, copy group A to group B, copy modifier from group X to group B to restore its modifier).

Scenario 2

  • Focusing GROUP and pressing COPY, copies just the step selection to the clipboard.
  • Focusing GROUP MODIFIER and pressing COPY, copies just the modifier to the clipboard.
  • Pro: Copying just step selection is a 1-step process.
  • Con: Copying everything associated with a group is now a 2-step process and easy to forget that copying a GROUP does not include the modifier.

At the moment I am leaning towards Scenario 1.

Hey Brian,

I’ve really enjoyed setting up the ER-102 environment this way, so I’d lean to scenario 2. Part of this, I think, speaks to the priority use-case of the copy operation for groups…how often does someone copy a group for the steps, the modifier, or both?

If you haven’t set up any groups or starting a blank snapshot, your priority would likely be a moving target with sometimes being “both” and sometimes being “steps”. If you’ve set up a bunch of groups, it would likely be steps and modifiers.

But I’m just one user, and you’re definitely right it may mean an abrupt change in workflow for some who are used to the current setup. I would be cool with scenario #1 :+1: I think it would just take some practice and repetition to get used to the operation. One observation and one question:

Observation: I did notice last night after posting that with group focused, the delete button removes all steps but keeps the modifier intact. With the modifier focused, the delete button resets the modifier and leaves the steps intact. So scenario 2, in a way, would be more consistent with this behaviour since the copy button and delete button would behave similarly. Not saying to change the delete behaviour if you choose scenario 1 since I find it super useful, but just an observation.

Question: When copying just modifiers from group to group, would you envisage copying ALL modifier pages? I think copying each modifier would get laborious if you had X,Y, and Z all set up.

Thanks for taking the time Brian. Very appreciated :pray:

Also, I’d love to hear other thoughts on how people navigate this.

+1 for scenario 2