Copy paste custom controls and copy paste names

i’d like to be able to copy and paste an existing custom control (or even default control) in order to avoid entering the same data multiple times.

i’d also like to be able to copy and paste text when in the renaming\saving page


+1 for this.

Hoping Shift+scroll could also copy paste the controls someday?

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little bump! :slight_smile:
as the second request has been implemented quite some time ago i was wondering if there is some hope to copy\past custom controls in the edit controls window. it might come in very handy when handling units with a lot of controls of the same type (same gain\bias, same measure unit etc…)

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bump! duplicating custom controls would be huge for me. when you’ve got multiple gainbias controls that all require the same but custom min, max and all step levels for both gain and bias, it gets pretty brutal. also would love a custom control that behaves like the f0 control.

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