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Copy pattern through snapshot


Hi! I’m trying to copy a pattern, a step or a track from a snapshot to another one but It seems possible only if the destination snapshot is empty, is there a way to do it also if destination snapshot have already patterns in it? Am I missing something?


This worked for me:

  1. Put the desired pattern on the clipboard (focus PATTERN and press COPY).
  2. Load the destination snapshot.
  3. Paste the pattern in the desired place (focus PATTERN and press INSERT).
  4. Save the modified snapshot.


that’s strange, if I try to do that when I press insert a new pattern is created but there are no step in it.
here is a video:



It works on the standalone ER-101 but seems to fail on the ER-101/102. I’ll have this fixed in the next release v2.22 shortly.


Thanks Brian!!
I don’t know if I have to open a new thread to discuss about it, but it would be really nice also introduce the ability to choose the sequencing direction (forward, reverse, pendulum, random) in the track option menu of every channel…


Even weirder: I have ER-101/102, tried it about 10 times: 1 x success, 9 x fail – and I can’t replicate the one time it worked. Anyway, looking forward to v2.22!

BTW: Will 2.22 entirely focus on bug fixing – or is this the right time to send a wish list to Santa Claus? :wink:


yes, same here. Also, if the destination snapshot is empty the probability of success increase.


Sorry. It will be a maintenance release only. The ER-301 has to take priority here. :bowing_man: