Copying steps from CV-A to CV-B

I would like to copy all step data for CV-A in a given pattern from CV-A to CV-B. Is this possible?
I do not have an ER-102.


No. Copying voltage indices from CV-A to CV-B is not possible. :bowing_man:


That would be so cool if we could do that. Brian is there no chance to implement this feature somehow?


also +1

I need some motivating examples.

Let me try…

You set up a nice FM Patch on Track 1
CV-A controls the carrier OSC pitch
CV-B controls the modulator OSC pitch
Gate controls ENV which goes to VCA

dial in a melody on CV-A
copy the melody from CV-A to CV-B
do maths on CV-B
adjust CV-B manually to taste

…et voila, you have a crazy FM patch in a minute or two

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That’s a good one, actually.
My use case would have been to copy data between CVA and CVB assuming that you’re not using CVB as a utility out, but a second pitch (12ET). If one works like this, you could opt to see the 101 as a sequencer with 8 1V/oct outs. We’re able to use it this way as-is, but it somehow doesn’t feel fully supported without the requested feature.

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I don’t really see what the ability to copy indices between the CV-A and CV-B would add to the ability of using all 8 of the 101s continuous CV outputs for 1v/o signals. Do you realize that you can change the voltage tables for CV-B just like for CV-A so you can use it to program 12TET signals anyways?

It would be a neat feature, don’t get me wrong. But when you say that “it doesn’t feel fully supported”, I think you must’ve missed part of the functionality of the 101 so far (which is easy enough, given that it can do so much :slight_smile: ).

Yep, changing voltage tables is necessary in order to get all 8 outs for this purpose.
IMHO since the user can copy steps between patterns, it would be a logical “next step”. :wink:

My point was that copying steps between CVA and CVB is useful for specific types of voicing where you want to make a modification of an existing pattern on CVB for another oscillator (2-note chords would be an obvious use case).


Really? Not at all? I mean if you have a sequence in CV-A and you want something that is harmonically related to it on CV-B you find it as easy to programm it from scratch on CV-B than just copy from CV-A and then alter it?
For me that would make it much more intuitive since you would allready have the right pattern length and could just use maths and “pulse stealing” on steps to alter the pattern.

Of course. This functionality basically lead to the desire to be able to copy from CV-A to CV-B.

neat is an uderstatement in my opinion

Probably must of us do. And we all use this thing a bit different since it is such a versatile tool. That’s great!

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Relax. I replied to a specific comment and you’re taking my reply out of context. No reason to get all worked up on the results of that. Of course I see benefits in this feature. I was mainly refering to the specific statement

which to me implied that there was a chance that OP hadn’t realized that you could use 12 TET voltage tables for CV B as well and thus was looking for a way to program semitones by copying the values from CV A, so I just tried to clear things up in case there was a misunderstanding. OP has already made it clear that this wasn’t the case, so everything’s just fine.


I’m relaxed. Didn’t want to sound unfriendly. Sorry if i did…

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Is there a chance you will add this feature?

There is a definitely a chance. I have it on the list of candidates to consider for the next release.


OOOOOOweeeeee!!! …that is some good news XD

@odevices I am just following up on this. I had the 101 out of the rack for a while but popped it back in tonight and realize this would still be very useful. Any chance? Or maybe this has already happened via an update?

No. It still has not happened. There have been no updates to the ER-101 since January 2018.

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