Copying Units and Local Assignments

I’m a bit confused why this doesn’t work. Neil Parfitts Custom Unit and Control Tutorial video appears to show this working. He simply copies the container with its Local assignments and it works. But for me in 0.6.16 thats not working. I lose my assignments when I copy. Would love to know how to fix this.

FYI. When copy/pasting a unit, only assignments between chains inside that unit’s hierarchy are preserved. This is the same for when saving a unit preset and loading it.

Thanks Brian!
I’ll bear that in mind and revisit.
However I did encounter this same issue when following Neil’s tutorial linked above and could not seem to get the same automatic assignment. So perhaps I was not following it closely enough.

That particular copy/paste scenario will not work exactly as in Neil’s video anymore. There are assignments to sources outside of the copied unit’s hierarchy (in this case, a parent unit’s controls). This is due to a bug fix introduced in v0.4.04:

  • FIX: Source Assignments > There was a potential for source assignments using duplicated chains or units (such as when loading presets or pasting from the clipboard) to restore incorrectly.

Before this fix, there was ambiguity around how to resolve these out-of-hierarchy assignments. For now, out-of-hierarchy assignments are not preserved across copy/paste and preset save/load.


I would like to restore this ability (for specific cases like this one) at some point, so here is an issue to track it.