Counter Preference Suggestion / Wish

I’m playing with the Counter to i.e.: select between different slices sequentially.

Currently it’s tricky to calculate what the gain needs to be to modulate a fader as the output level of the counter appears to change depending on the number of steps.

Currently for a 0-3 step, I think the gain has to be .380ish for the gain to apply to a fader from lowest to highest… and that changes if it’s 0-4, 0-16 (or whatever).

It would be nice if there was a pref within the counter where the output level ceiling stays the same (i.e.: 0 to 1) and then if there’s a 0-15 setting, it calculates the steps in divisions up to the 1.

For now, if you are using the 12TET CV-to-slicing mapping then I think you can just set the Counter’s gain to 0.1/12 = 0.0083 (maybe 0.008 is close enough?) and be done with it.

Great idea! I’ll give that a go!

I also wish the maths would be easier with the counter.
What about allowing decimal steps ?

The Counter unit was supposed to just be an example on how to use the Lua Middle Layer. So I probably should revise it completely and think deeply about what it really wants to be.

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