Counter Unit: Feature wish

If there was an alternate mode selection in the header. where everything is based on a value up until “1 / 5volts”.

Current, if I have 4 steps… the voltage output goes way off into space beyond the scopes. The idea here is… if I set my count range from ie: 0 - 5, 0 - 5 would staircase up from 0v to 5v. If it was 0-14… it would still staircase up from 0 - 5v.

This way, the max value would always be 5v and relate to many gain/bias controls that you set to 1 gain to allow ‘what goes in/comes out the same’.

I’m just finding it tricky to dial in gain values to make this work quickly.

I’m probably not explaining this well. Let me know :blush: