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Counter Unit

So I have been playing with this and it isn’t doing what I want hehe :smiley:

I would like it to act as a one-shot clock pulse counter that outputs a trigger on the nth pulse. That’s it.

…but I can’t get it to do this, anyone got any clues, hints, tips - startling revelations about where I am going wrong?


I haven’t tried it, but it seems to me as though you’d want the counter to count up to the threshold value for your trigger generator. So, you’d want to increment by something like threshold / N.

I think this works? Passing every 7th one. What I’m not sure about is whether this is over-complicating it.

This is a chain preset with internal clock to simulate triggers.

every7th.lua (10.7 KB)

@miminashi - thanks but I don’t really understand that in the context of the controls and options available.

Thanks @Joe - will check it out!

As a sanity check, the one-shot more i.e. with wrap? option turned off should just count the incoming clock pulses once and then stop until the next reset is received right?

Hey @Joe

Thanks, but this is definitely not what I am looking for :frowning:

Here’s what I am aiming for:

The input to the chain is a clock, like you have done with the osc unit.

The Counter wrap? parameter should be off so it only counts once

The reset should start the count.

The pulse should be output according to the step parameter.

I am assuming the following about the parameters:

Start: how many clock pulses are counted before the count proper starts

Step: the step on which the pulse should be output

Finish: the last step of the count

Gain: a useful utility for boosting or attenuating the clock pulse as required

Is this right?

I’ve only read the description of the Counter unit, but it sounds to me like it’s an accumulator that increases its value by the ‘step’ size each time a trigger is received, and can be set to wrap (reset to the ‘start’ value) if the value exceeds ‘finish’.

To generate one output pulse for every N input pulses, you would set ‘start’ to 0, ‘finish’ to whatever the trigger threshold of your output pulse generator is (say, a sample player with a one-shot pulse), and set ‘step’ to be equal to the trigger threshold divided by N. That way, if wrap is enabled, each time the Counter unit reaches the threshold, it will trigger the output pulse generator and start counting again from the beginning.

I’ll try this when I get home.

Ahhh totally different interpretation - that possibly helps a lot and would make more sense than my interpretation…

Trying now :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Do you mean a clock divider? :thinking:

Okay, that works as expected, I ended up using really small gain settings because the threshold values are all -1 to 1. It’s kinda hard to see where a gain of 1 would be useful, I was using 0.010.

I realise this unit still has lots of uses … but for my use case this is not the tool for the job!

I want to be able to change the number of steps and can’t just do that without adjusting other parameters.

Maybe we need a countdown unit? Set the number of steps to count and then output a trigger on 0, and wrap or not. It would need a clock input, a reset, a count parameter and perhaps a divisor for weird steps. That’s all.

@odevices - no not a clock divider, that implies outputting a regular division of a clock and I definitely want the one-shot behaviour. I literally just want to be able to count clock pulses and then output a trigger when that number is reached, that’s it.

That is exactly how clock dividers are usually implemented.

BTW, ‘start’ is the value the counter resets to when it receives a reset.

Okay sure - but how do I get the clock divider to stop after the first time it reaches the first pulse?

What values does this Counter unit put out. Won’t have the chance to try it for a few days, but the custom unit Count would output a CV value and you could use the Bump Scanner to create a trigger on nth pulse.

Well, a clock divider is a pulse counter that outputs a pulse every time it reaches a certain value (the division). I guess you want a one-shot clock divider.

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Just curious what your application is here. :slight_smile:

@odevices hehe, yep - that would do it - in all honesty I thought the counter would do it and it is so close!!

@Joe all will be revealed in due course, don’t want to say unless I know I can get it working - I am close but struggling with some things.


My guess is that he is trying to make sequencer. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Heh… kinda! :smiley:

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Sequencer? I don’t think @anon83620728 likes those. :wink:

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Well that’s why he is going to build one and then ritualistically destroy it.


If I ever get this out everyone can do that… unit… by unit!


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