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Counter Unit


You could easily add a VCA and a toggle for stopping it


Thanks, but as mentioned above already tried, but with the structure of the thing I am building it’s not that easy - it’s not for want of understanding, look at Evil Twin and the structures there :slight_smile:


A suggestion:

It would be great if the Counter included an option that would allow the user to scale the unit’s output according to the number selected in the ‘End’ parameter.

My use case: Using the Count unit to step through a sliced sample file in order. Say there’s 16 slices – you’d have to divide 1.000 by 16, which results in one step needing to be 0.0625, which results in some resolution problems with the slice input scaling. This of course gets more complicated with surprising amounts of slices, and in any case breaking out a calculator would be cool to avoid :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for hearing me out!


Thanks for bringing this topic up again, I had forgotten my little project! I am going to see if I can find some time to look at it again :slight_smile:


Yeah good idea, so you set the max steps and it divides each step evenly across the output level, with max level reached at the last step.