Counterpoint: New Custom unit

Made a new custom unit, based on my 2 previous ones (Follow the leader and 8-step sequencer)
Record into buffer one, change the pitch of the 2 voices (shared buffer in 2 varispeed players) in counterpoint with incoming audio. (You can loop that as well)
Adjust the values of “melody” (I’ve assigned 8 sliders of the Sweet 16, but you can assign what you want or adjust them manually). Don’t change the values of the “bass”. They move automatically in opposite direction of the melody.

Rest is pretty self explanatory:

first two controls work as in the “follow the leader” unit, for recording into the follower (dub) and leader buffer (gate for the sloop buffer)
there’s slew for slew between the steps
range (1 octave or 2 octaves) and
B drop, to drop the bass an octave. Best to use either drop or range, or it can get pretty low.

CPU is about 80%, so a pretty heavy patch.

counterpoint.unit (215.1 KB)

Here’s a video with a demonstration:


this is phenomenal! beautiful demo <3

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Really love this. Also enjoyed watching your performance. Looking forward to trying this out.

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Another improv with Counterpoint, less harmonic this time.
Feedback drones and dissonants.

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