Coupled and/or linked tracks/patterns

I posted this in the ER-102 group a while ago, with little response. I think something similar could also be done with just the ER-101.

Can we let tracks/patterns influence other tracks/patterns? Either a direct copy or a copy with a math transform automatically applied could probably be done in the 101.

This could be a powerful way to create harmonically linked tracks with subtle variations that remain consistent by editing only one of those linked tracks. Any change to the base track would affect all the other linked tracks.

Thoughts? Thanks!

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One thought that comes to mind based on your description is using the real time recording on the ER-102 to simulate this behaviour.

Specifically, I’m thinking start by copying one track’s pattern to another as a base to start from. From there, mult one of the track’s gate and CV outputs to the CV inputs on the recording section of the ER-102. By punching in/out the recording on the track where you copied the base pattern to, you could then insert variations to the copied track info via editing the track that is sending info to the recorder.

Have never tried this before and surely there’d be a few wrinkles. Along the way, I’d check the config file to see if any of those wrinkles could be ironed out there.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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That’s a great idea! Bit of a workaround, needing a track for punching in/out the recording, but at least that way I could use varied group settings per track for subtle variations.