CPU threading

I’m running 3.25.

I have the ER301 in a sample playback mode. Multiple mixers (like 25 or so!) with Raw Sample Players loaded into each. Triggering things via Teletype I2c bus, Ableton Live style. Was working great, but then I appeared to cross a threshold as I was adding more samples and things suddenly slowed to a crawl. Took 10 minutes to save!

I had everything loaded on one Stereo chain. So I split a few of the bits off to the 3rd and 4th mono chains, and that seemed to relieve the cpu congestion. Does spreading functions out across the different channels spread the load more efficiently? I mean, from my experience, it appears so, but just curious as to how the cpu handles the load in such cases.

Interesting. I am pretty sure the processor is single core. But I wonder if moving some units to another channel takes some pressure off of the CPU by allowing it to ignore some the UI tasks for the channels that aren’t currently displayed. Hadn’t ever really thought to try this when I’m running hot with a patch.

Or maybe it’s because you’re eliminating a channel of processing by going to mono?

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No, or at least it should not, because, as Joe said, there is only a single core.

This should also not matter because the UI thread only spends processing time on the visible portions.

This is more likely the correct answer.

Thanks, Brian. I reduced CPU load in this setup by switching to the Bi-polar VCA (sounds like less overhead that UNI, due the rectifying capabilities?); although not a huge savings, because I was only using three of those. And I also moved one other stream of stereo samples into one of the mono channels. I’m at about 75% and the pops are mostly gone. I was at 84% when the pops were a problem.

I was also wondering if a high CPU % will create pops. My patch is at 85% & it tends to click & pop a lot when running at that %. is this normal?

Yeah, that’s pretty normal. Pretty sure the %CPU is average CPU rather than peak, so peaks could take it over 100%.