Crash Bug in delay block

Im sending triggers from sample players through delays.

I set a delay time to 10.68 (10s.68 ms), but the quick save rounds the number to 10.50, which throws the timing off.

When I try and load a saved delay preset of 10.68 the system crashes.

Getting round it for now by using another sample player playing audio triggers.

What firmware version?
Which delay?

sorry, 0.3.13, 48khz.

plain delay block.
I couldn’t recreate this by quick saving a delay in an otherwise empty chain

signal flow, sending audio triggers.

global chain (sample player) -> delay block (10.68s)-> triggering a sample player inside a mixer on channel 1.

Could you please try this again with v0.3.18? Since v0.3.13 there have been two bug fixes that addressed crashing during preset/quicksave loading.

Looking at this separately.

I found the reason for this one and have fixed it in the upcoming v0.3.19 firmware. It affects the following units: Delay, Spread Delay, Clocked Delay, and Grain Delay.