Crash on 0.21 - deleting looper

Got my first crash on the ER301 today.

I was playing around with a looper > grain > looper as inspired by Neil’s super video here -

I deleted the first looper and the ER301 froze. Had to turn my case on and off.

Also, I went to load in some samples earlier today and selected an entire folder by mistake and I couldn’t find any way to cancel the loading of all these samples, which took a while. No biggie, but it might be useful to be able to cancel the loading of multiple samples.

This crash was already fixed in v0.2.3. :sunglasses:

Just use Purge Unused command.

Ah, sorry, I missed that one. Will update to latest… :blush:

I was aware of the purge command, and indeed used it, though with the volume of small samples I accidentally loaded (in the high 100s), it took a good while and I, while I can’t remember the exact error message, I had issues with loading new samples after using the purge command (possibly as it hadn’t finished purging such a high number of small samples?)

In my last post above, I was suggesting that there might be a “cancel sample load” command if you, as in my case, accidentally select a folder with a gazillion small samples, which takes a little while to load, or even possible a very large sample you accidentally select. Not sure if you deem it worthwhile, or a low down the list nice to have, or indeed something that would cause instability re the micro SD card, but that’s what I was alluding to in my last post!