Creating a new empty project?

Sometimes I want to create a new empty project and start from blank page with the ER-301, but I can’t find a direct way to do it. I delete all the slots manually and then start my new project.

This process doesn’t take a long time of course but would it be possible to load a “new empty project” by selecting one of the empty “quick save” available in the quicksave menu ? I tried that but it just returns an error message (Preset version incompatible with this firmware). Thanks.

Edit: Or… I could just save a default empty quick save and load this one each time I need it :slight_smile: I thought about that only after posting, sorry ^^

I start with an empty slate each time I power up by setting the option to not restore the last Quicksave on boot.

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Thanks @Joe I didn’t know this option, it’s now set. This + the default empty slot I have created should work just fine :wink:

Once you have that option set, I think sometimes a soft reboot is the fastest way to reset it. That option is in system-> update firmware. You can just reboot without updating firmware though.


ah great, I was searching this “reboot” option earlier today. I didn’t remember it’s in the firmware menu, thanks again.

Dedicating one or more quicksaves to starting templates is the intended scenario but whatever works! :wink:


I’ve never timed to see which is faster. It probably is the Quicksave. Sometimes there is something very mentally satisfying about a reboot though - like if I feel I’ve taken a turn for the worse with whatever I’m working on. :wink:

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When I read it, I just think about the ability of erase a quicksave from the Er301. It will very cool to erase the quicksave and make blank from the device.
I believe it’s not possible now, am I right ?

Cheers :v:

You can delete the files inside the quicksave folders on a computer.

On the device itself I guess you could just boot to a clean state and do a quicksave? Haven’t actually tried that but I assume it would work.

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Ah yes ! It’s the solution :blush:.
Loading a blank scene and save it, I forgot this way…:grimacing:
Thank you @Joe

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