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Creating Lo-Fi sampler stuff , wondering about grid quantizer


So I have created a nice Lo-Fi sample player in the 301 where I simply handle sample rate reduction via a S&H+ oscillator combo into a Grid quantizer, sounds great BUT got me wondering. since there is only 256 levels this should mean the grid quantizer at max setting should be 8 bit. 4096 would be 12bit yes? is there a way to get more levels into the quantizer? I would love to be able to fully vary from 12 bit (or higher) on down.



I think that’s right. 256 levels = 8 bit.

If you are running the latest unstable firmware 0.4.11, you can edit the control so that it goes from 0-4096.

If you are running 0.3.x firmware, you can’t edit the control. However, you can make it go beyond the limit you can turn the fader up to by using internal CV.

E.g set the gain on the levels control to 7.5, bias to 256. Then in the subchain insert
offset (offset=1) --> rational vca (num=32) --> rational vca (num=16) will yield 4096 levels on the scale quantizer.

Setting the system setting “Displayed value for unit control readouts” to actual makes it easier to verify the result.



Interesting approach! Are you willing to share it as a custom unit?



Thanks Joe, forgot about editing that control.

Yup will share a few alternate versions of this possibly tonight.



this is great!



I was wondering about this before, didn’t realize extending the max range was as easy as editing the control. Now I’ll have to try that with some of the other units…



hey @Flux302, i am just watching your 301 hangout
(reminds me of your producers hangout, which
i miss soooooooou much!)

and i wanted to add the current state of your ‘early error’ to the user contributed preset page in the wiki

any chance you’ll share that creature here? or is that error too early?:smiley:



I’ll try and get it up tonight along with a couple others. Just been swamped doing “real work” … I’d like to clean up the side chaining tonight then upload it