Critical CPU Load... :|

Hi there,
I keep running out of grunt (yes, I like big patches!)

So, i was wondering, is there a list of the approximate usage of each unit type? I need to trim back on my current patch and would like to remove as few units as possible so wanted to target the heavy hitters first

Also, I remember mention of a CPU upgrade… any word on that? :slight_smile:

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I’m curious to know what your patch is!

Not until 2018 :bow:

There is no official listing of CPU usage yet. I would like to incorporate this information into the interface. I’m away from my ER-301 at the moment, but later tonight I will get some rough numbers and post here again.


Are you running 48k or 96k?

If you’re not doing any extensive sample speed changes - running at 48K almost doubles the juice available.

2018 isn’t very far away, based on what’s been said elsewhere a release of v1 of the OS to coincide with the release of the new back boards would make for quite a launch party!!



Make that tomorrow.


Hi Tomk,
I am setting up my modular to do a live set and wanted to try and make it as small as possible, so I have been offloading ‘real’ modules to the 301 bit by bit…
Recently, I got an Instruo Harmonaig (OMG I love it!) and though I could build a 4 voice chord unit and an arppegiator too (I wanted to be able to drive the arp input from either the harmonaig or my 101). Heavily based off joes sequential switch v2.
So here it is. 5 sections.

  1. The global chains. 3 of them, selecting sample player, select arp mode and arp note select
  2. Out 1 - 3 samplers which I can switch between. I run a squarewave with variable PWM into the speed to play with the playback speed to the point I can freeze it. Love that effect!
  3. Out 2 - 4 chord osc. Each sampler has a sawtooth wave. The pitch (A3, B3, C3, D4) from the harmonaig are the notes
  4. Out 3 - Arpgeggiator. 2 way sequential switch to select between the harmonaig inputs or an external in. For the harmonaig in, I have another 4 way sequential switch to select the note and move through the notes with an external LFO
  5. Out 4 - Manual grains player. a simple grains player

I’ve included a pic (very rought, sorry it’s just a sketch).

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To control everything I made a little controller. 6 knobs with 6 cv 0-10V outs. Its the most useful thing in the world for controlling the 301. Just pots, plugs and resistors. You should all make one!!!


Hi Neil, yeah already using 48khz… I’m just greedy :wink:

Great!!! Thanks so much, that will be really useful!

It’s odd, I was maxing out at around 90% (the unit was almost unusably slow), then I deleted 1 sampler, and nothing much happened, restarted and it’s now down to about 70%…

Ace - @Joe and myself been discussing this kind of thing recently - nice to see something actually made :slight_smile:


I just might!!

Hey Joe, here’s the schematic. Very simple, I just made 6 of them and mounted them on a piece of aluminium and velcroed that to my case :slight_smile:

It gives roughly 0-10V


Awesome, thanks @gwpt ! This looks like a good project to get my electronics chops back shape a bit. Nothing too expensive to destroy. :slight_smile:

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@odevices would a potential CPU upgrade in 2018 be limited to new production 301’s?

No, it’s just a replacement back board, so all units will be upgradable!