Crop Samples/Buffers?

It’s funny that this has never come up in my use of the ER-301 so far, but I recently recorded a long part into an even longer buffer and then saved the contents to a file. I’d have liked to crop the sample to the length of the recorded part, but couldn’t figure out how to do that - so now I have a sample with 4 minutes of silence at the end. No big issue (I can just edit it on the computer of course), but just so I know in the future: Is there a way to crop a sample or a buffer to a certain length? If so, how do I do this?

There is a trim operation in the slicing view’s menu. As of v0.3.18, you will need to have a portion of the sample selected (SHIFT+KNOB) in order for this menu operation to show up.


Thanks! I was nearly sure that I had seen the option somewhere before, but couldn’t remember where it was.

Sorry for bumping this but in the ‘slice view’ of the v speed player - is it also possible to zoom in on a section of the wave form the same way you would when using for example the pedal looper unit?

of course there is, just push the COARSE button and turn the encoder

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