Current status of sampler functions?

I have been too consumed by life to follow everything here for quite some time.

So when i bought er-301 what seems long ago, i intended to use er-301 as a sampler for tempo synced breakbeats/slicing/glitch/granular sample mangling when i bought it. The development has been confusing me.

I have read brian is more interested in a different style of sampling(tape style?) more than that(mentioned above) and seems also interested in a different extremely complex module to use in other ways. WAYover my head…

Could someone please simply answer me if these(below) are or will be/possible, before having to buy a special upgrade board for more $$$ ?

(and i mean BUG FREE actually really working sampling functions i mention above…)

Do these work without bugs ?:

-simple to use one shot sample player with velocity/pitch/sample select(OF HOW MANY POSSIBLE SAMPLES?)/reverse/timestretch/modulatable thru cv ?

-simple to use sample player which allows slicing(using auto slice by transients/or divisions of loop) and ability to timestretch a loop to match a tempo ?

-simple to use ability to load a one shot sample and play it up/down at different notes thru cv(without changing length ?


IF THESE FUNCTIONS WORK bug free, PLEASE TELL ME HOW EXACTLY TO ACHIEVE THEM and which firmware i should use !

also instructions on how to do these things(i honestly dont think this is so much to ask for…


im not going to be sorry for asking because i simply do not have time to read constantly this forum to try to build a manual in my head…

I hope you understand. (oh and sorry for the CAP lock , no stress intended!

I understand that you might be more interested in an answer from a user, but just to get the ball rolling…

The below assumes (unstable) firmware v0.3.05:

If you concatenate the desired sample files into a single sample chain then a chain containing a Sample Player into a Linear VCA can do all of this except timestretch.

Auto slice by transients and divisions is now available.

This can be done with the Grain Stretch unit.

I recommend the Manual Grains unit.

Exact and detailed instructions for all of that will probably be quite overwhelming. Perhaps you can focus on getting instructions for a single specific task and then this will show you how the general UI flow and patching works on the ER-301.

The Grain Stretch unit and auto-slicing will not be available but if you want stability and bug-free then use the stable version which as of know is v0.2.27:

If having access to the most recent features is more important than the a bug-free experience then you can try the most recent unstable release. As of this post that would be v0.3.05 available here:

V0.3.x Firmware Workout: Better late than never

I agree! No need to be sorry to ask.


Brian addressed your specific questions above, but I thought I’d add this:

The module is, by nature, modular in itself. You can build a TON of stuff with it, which means you will need to do some setup before you have, say, a 4-voice sample player. But the cool thing is, you can build custom units (basically presets) for different purposes. Then you just load a custom unit when you want a drum machine, or a 3-voice melodic sample player, or what have you.

I get where you’re coming from. There are much simpler sample players (Tiptop One, 4ms STS), and this isn’t that. I appreciate the fact that it can be pretty intimidating and even frustrating at first, if you haven’t been following the recent updates. But I think the 301 really rewards it if you take a bit of time to think through your sampling needs and then build a custom unit to cater to those needs.

There are really smart people on this forum, who are really helpful, so Brian’s idea of tackling one thing at a time is a good one, IMHO. People will gladly get you going with building the custom units you need.

I would hope all of them!

+1 for tackling one thing at a time.

It sounds like you are already aware of this but development is still in progress, and things will change a lot before any upgrade board will be available. I for one am excited to see where we go next and especially interested to see what happens when the middle layer is released as this will open the doors for very specific bespoke units to be developed.

Oh and I forgot to mention that there is a (growing) manual over on the wiki:

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Thanks again, i will try!

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