Custom Control db suffix logarithmic scaling v.0.4.20 bug?

Hey everyone,

after some time with the wonderful 301 and this great forum (all of you have been super helpful, thanks a lot!). I was wondering the following:
When changing a custom gain bias control on a unit to have the suffix db it also seems to change the scaling of the control, no longer being linear but rather it produces a zero value at the output when set at around -60(??) and setting it to 0 gives some kind of upward shift for the attached other control. just wanted to check if this is intended behavior and if so what the outputs of the control are when in “db mode”
hope this is somehow clear…
Also tried searching the forum but couldn’t find an answer…
Also maybe just a minor bug (is it even one?):
When you change the suffix to db the control is being set to -160 and only constrained to the defined range (defined in the menu that is) when moved.

dB refers to decibels. 0dB is equal to 1 and -60dB is very close to zero. So, yes, it is intended behavior.


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Thanks so much for the clarification and the quick answer Brian!
Already thought it just had to be intended behaviour :slightly_smiling_face: